I started this journey into the user experience field back in November of 2018. I had been working as a graphic designer at a church for about a year at that point, and had dreams of expanding my influence and creative expression. I had a bachelor's degree in sociology and knew I needed to gain a working knowledge of the basics, the field itself, and find a way to break in.
Like anyone new to a subject, I researched around the web, watched Lynda videos, read blog posts, etc. After a lot of research, I finally stumbled upon the Springboard program. Eight months later and 350+ hours of being immersed in UX, with a few portfolio projects in my pocket, I was ready. 

I've been blessed to call this field home for three years and can't wait for new experiences and problems that lie ahead.


Currently, I am the Senior UX/UI Designer at Foundation Partners Group, a leader in the deathcare industry, serving millions of families in 22 states. My work is primarily focused on tulipcremation.com, a direct cremation service that bypasses the typical need for a brick and mortar store. I also lead user research efforts to gain critical insights from our customers to maintain a top tier experience.

My other experience includes: 
•  Visual Design
•  Project Management
•  Consumer Experience
•  Organizational Leadership