Leadership Conference 2022
The conference every year has a theme, and this year's theme was "Our Next Adventure." All of the speakers got safari shirts and marketing put out graphics with mountains & trees filled with natural color palette.

Our team puts out a micro app for the conference to assist conference-goers with a variety of features. We give them a schedule, show them attendees & speakers, and give them all the information they need on the city and surrounding area.

It is quite a fun app to collaborate on because outside of leading the UI design and changes best to compliment the branding, I also get to help update the app using our in-house content management product.

This past year we completely updated our design system and moved over to Figma for our design software. Our past mock screens and component library were still on Sketch and still desperately needed to be integrated with the mock screens for quick updates. I made several upgrades this year to the backend file structure and screen architecture that will benefit us for the future.

Color & Text Styles
These foundational elements were important to create first and integrate into the component library. I gathered these styles from marketing, which didn't take long to import into Figma.
Component Library
Very few items in the past were connected to the mockup screens, which made changes and edits much more difficult than they needed to be. I took the main architecture elements and built out templates. When this time consuming portion was done with, the high-fidelity mockups took no time at all to build.
Lastly, (using the two portions above) all these mockups are built with smart components and connected styles. Updates for the future of this app will take a matter of hours as opposed to days. This gained time will allow our development team more time to make incremental edits and help our team not succumb to scope creep for necessary UX changes.
From the get go, I collaborated with our iOS, Android, and PHP developers to make sure assets were ready for them on their timeline. Much of the app is run via JSON with few native features such as the tab bar, push notification prompt, and splash screen.

In terms of the attendees, speakers, and schedule, I worked with our PHP dev to create those lists via the content management system.
200+ users from 112 different credit unions & vendors attended the event this year and utilized the app. Our team didn't receive any official quotes on the use, but the buzz around the event was the app was very useful and reflected the theme well.

Other Work

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