Lava Tea
A cafe selling teas and coffee with a modern Hawaiian vibe. The target audience is a mix of millennials and families.
In this contest I was selected as a finalist. The logo incorporates a modern, clean style, while depicting warm tones coupled with leaf and lava imagery. The center negative space also shows a tree shape describing how the company is a safe and family-friendly environment.
Mad Mork Stories
A logo that is very versatile and creates a monogram through the use of bookmarks. Through the shape of the bookmarks you see the multiple turns and levels that a story can exist on. The colors selected are examples that can represent a type of story (ex. purple for royalty). The bookmark core also creates a negative space shape that resembles a stack of books, showing a company that is built upon knowledge and variability.
Stonehouse Capital
Stonehouse Capital is an investment firm. They work with sophisticated investors and lenders. They are known for being wise and thoughtful investors, and trustworthy partners. I wanted to go with a logo and design rebrand that was stable and secure, to show a company that you would be able to trust with your money. The logo is one that can show their initials in an abstract way and has a very rigid structure to symbolize a home or house. A negative space hourglass shape in the middle also shows how they are wise and thoughtful, taking their time insuring that they do their job well.

Other Work

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