Two-Faced Playing Cards
I have always wanted to design a deck of playing cards. I know that sounds like a peculiar project to undertake; however, I had a vision about what a one-of-a-kind deck could look like. The main idea was to create a versatile deck that could be used for both suit-specific and color-specific gameplay. While most card games use both elements, some have one or the other as the dominant factor in the game. In my design, the way to differentiate with these cards is how you hold them in your hand: color to one side, or white to one side.
I was inspired by a minimalistic deck of cards I was given as a gift. The goal was to see how far I could push the design until there was nothing else I could take away. It was a lot of fun to customize the lettering and suit shapes. In the end, I purchased six decks at the end of the project and I currently own zero. All of the decks were purchased by others with only a couple given as gifts. I guess people liked what they saw and I hope you do too!

Other Work

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